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Non-Zero Days

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I am trying to work on this blog every single day. Some days are easy, when I easily spend an hour thinking about the next feature. Other days, like today, are hard. I have plans with friends, or plans to cook an elaborate dinner, or just feel more tired.

I am balancing adding more features by programming and adding more content by adding blog posts and more projects. Today I decided to contribute by posting more.

I am currently listening to a videocast about processes on Treehouse. Additionally, I am adding this link to Practical Unix, an open-source online class, because I want to improve my z-shell.

Related to computers, but not specifically to programming, I also spent a lot of time today doing what I call "digital decluttering". Hopefully this time investment will improve my productivity!

posted 2015-05-06 00:14:38 -0700 by Belda

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